Depending on the course of studies, international students are required to present a language course certificate in order to enrol.
While participating in the language course, these students are not yet considered as enrolled. For this interim phase before the start of the regular course of study, international students in Germany and German students abroad are offered the opportunity to take up an insurance cover offered together by the student union and care concept AG. The insurance is tailored to the actual requirements of international students who are only in Germany temporarily, and covers basic healthcare provision.
In addition, international postgraduate students, internship students and participants of pre-study language courses as well as students enrolled in Germany are also able to take up insurance cover for study periods spent abroad.
For further information and online registration, please consult the homepage of Care Concept AG.

If students wish to keep their travel medical insurance, they are required to sign a waiver for statutory insurance cover for the duration of their studies. The maximum travel insurance period is five years. It will then no longer possible to join a statutory health insurance scheme during the study period.

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